The Chimes, Anna Smaill

Hachette NZ (2015)

Anna Smaill’s website: The world of The Chimes

Booksellers NZ: Review by Sarah Foster of The Chimes

The Guardian (UK): Review by Catherine Taylor of The Chimes 

Stuff (Fairfax newspapers) Review by Karen Tay of The Chimes 

Strange Horizons magazine: Review by Nina Allan of The Chimes

Tor: Review by Niall Alexander of The Chimes 

Radio NZ National: (audio) Review by Caroline Beu of The Chimes 

The Independent (UK): Review by Lucy Scholes of The Chimes

The Bookbag (UK): Review by Ani Johnson of The Chimes

The Spinoff: Steve Braunias interviews Anna Smaill

ABC (Australia) (audio): Review of The Chimes

New Zealand Review of Books: Review by Thom Conroy of The Chimes



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