Havoc, Jane Higgins

(2015) Text
[sequel to The Bridge]

Booksellers NZ: review by Sarah Forster of Havoc

Jane Higgins’s website

Radio NZ National (audio): Carol Beu reviews Havoc

Radio NZ National (audio): Kate de Goldi reviews Havoc

Books for a Delicate Eternity: Chiara reviews Havoc and The Bridge

Kids’ Book Review: review by Susan Whelan of Havoc

New Zealand Book Council: April 2015: Karen Flett reviews Havoc

Text: Background resources for Havoc (PDF)

Delicate Eternity: Double review of The Bridge and Havoc by Chiara

Melbourne Review of Books: Review by Jamie Ashbird of Havoc

NZ Herald: Review by Carole Bleu of Havoc 

Otago Daily Times: Review by Laura Hewson of Havoc 


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