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An thrilling read with big twists, Ava Preece

The Crate: A Ghost Story
James Norcliffe
Quentin Wilson Publishing




Cousins Amy, Danny and Jack are staying at their Grandpa’s bach in Tumoana with Amy and Danny’s dad when a strange coffin-like crate is delivered, addressed to their bach, Bide-a-wee. 

Dad was in a hurry to get to work, he helped the delivery man carry the heavy crate inside, signed the delivery form, told the kids not to open the crate and rushed into his car. The crate sat brusquely, giving the quaint living room of Bide-a-wee a strange presence. Fastened with wingnuts and oddly heavy, the kids’ curiosity grew.  Read more

The Carbonite’s Daughter, Thora Moffat

The Carbonite’s Daughter
Deryn Pittar
IFWG Publishing




The Carbonite’s Daughter is an exciting new dystopian story about courage, discovering yourself, and realising things are not always as they seem.  

Set in a dystopian New Zealand after a Nuclear Dawn, 18-year-old Calista lives as a breeder, with her mother and her two children in the tunnels, safe from the fatal radiation outside. But when her father, who was exiled outside 10 years ago, returns to take her outside, she discovers the MIC (Men In Charge) had been lying about what was happening outside. Alongside Mathew, a man she meets outside, she runs from those trying to return her to the tunnels to breed more children.  Read more

Annual 3, Iris Moffat

Annual 3
Ed. Susan Paris and Kate de Goldi
Annual Ink




Annual 3 is a funny, creative book edited by Susan Paris and Kate De Goldi. Packed with comics, short stories, puzzles and more, it’s a must read, with authors like Ben Brown and Maurice Gee putting in their own work for creative youths to read.

I would recommend this book to readers aged nine and up. It is a perfect boredom buster, and once you have opened the cover, your nose will be right on the page!!

What kind of stuff is in this book? Almost everything!  Read more

How to Get a Girlfriend (When You’re a Terrifying Monster), Natalya Newman

How to Get a Girlfriend (When You’re a Terrifying Monster)
Marie Cardno
Paper Road Press




Published in 2022, Marie Cardno’s How to Get a Girlfriend (When You’re a Terrifying Monster) is a light-hearted exploration of paranormal romance. This novel tells the story of a human woman named Sian, who as part of her research is venturing through portals on Earth that lead to the dimension of the Endless. Humanity has been at war with the Endless in all of its shifting, ever-changing forms across the centuries. All the Endless desires is the screams and destruction of humanity – or so Sian believes.  Read more

A spellbinding tale of daring and danger, Nell Mace-David

The Candle Trees
Anthony Holcroft
Quentin Wilson Publishing





‘They said there is nothing so beautiful as that tree; it glows in the forest like a bridge between this world and the next. If you sleep under its boughs, you will dream the most beautiful dreams…’

In The Candle Trees by Anthony Holcroft, 16-year-old Julia is thrilled at the prospect of visiting her beloved Uncle Fred at his estate, Villa Rosa. Unfortunately, neither Uncle Fred, nor the Villa Rosa live up to Julia’s expectations. So, when the chance to do something interesting comes up, in the form of a horseback ride to the nearby forest, Julia jumps at the chance.  Read more

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