Annual 3, Iris Moffat

Annual 3
Ed. Susan Paris and Kate de Goldi
Annual Ink




Annual 3 is a funny, creative book edited by Susan Paris and Kate De Goldi. Packed with comics, short stories, puzzles and more, it’s a must read, with authors like Ben Brown and Maurice Gee putting in their own work for creative youths to read.

I would recommend this book to readers aged nine and up. It is a perfect boredom buster, and once you have opened the cover, your nose will be right on the page!!

What kind of stuff is in this book? Almost everything! From How to Knit Brains to creepy doll stories, newspaper articles about frogs, to how to be a better environmentalist. I don’t know what you can’t find in this book! 

It’s hard to think what my favourite piece in Annual 3 might be, but one of my favourites has got to be Invalid Words by Renata Hopkins. Invalid Words is about a sick pig, and is filled with Dad jokes and invalid words! For example, “Thermombing”, which is speaking with a thermometer under your tongue. I love it because it is so witty, and you can’t help but smile or laugh.

A great non-fiction story is “Fu’ the noo?” by Victor Rodger. “Are you fu’ the Noo?” means “full for now?”  in Scottish. This story is about a loving grandmother who used to sometimes walk to Victor’s school and give him KFC at lunch!  Victor’s grandmother grew up in the Great Depression, and he thinks that that is why she makes sure everyone is full, because back in that day there was lots of hunger. And she didn’t just give Victor KFC!  As he writes, she gives him “boiled eggs mashed in a cup with a thick slice of butter. Mince and the doughiest of doughboys.  Countless cream buns. Innumerable lamingtons.” Victor certainly was a lucky boy!  

An amazing puzzle with a twist, the crossword by Ben Brown has questions in English and answers in Te Reo Māori. This crossword is a fun way of embracing and connecting to Māori culture and learning new words. This gives Annual 3 the finishing touch, to show that this book really is based in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

So if you want to know when the toilet paper gets replaced, or how to play “same blue sky,” or if you want to play the game Camp Kūkū with your friends or find out how to Forage for Kai, then Annual 3 is your book!

 – Iris lives in Nelson.

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