1. What an intelligent, well-thought, well-constructed review. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the book. Thanks for your feedback too. Readers seem to either gush or gape at the world-building opening and vocabulary in The Unflinching Ash. I actually contemplated adding a glossary, but wasn’t sure which words were unfamiliar to others! It’s because a reader like you made me a list of the words unfamiliar to them that I was able to build one! Perhaps the second edition will have one! For now, if you’re interested, you can check out a Glossary of Mórlough here: (my author website) or you can flick through a flashcard glossary for 2 minutes on TikTok — (or more times, if you want to learn them!) Thank you again, for taking the time to read something new and write about it. You’re legendary!

  2. Thank you so much Angela! It was a fantastic read and I enjoyed it a lot! The glossary was really helpful and its definitely interesting to know where some of the words came from. I look forward to reading your other books!

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